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lowering the rear

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The harder part is finding longer 2.375" u-bolts. I had to have some made to order.
RW says the stock bolts can be used, but that may be only if the rubber isolators are removed. I have two sets of stock bolts from '72 and '77 and there's perhaps 1/2" of extra thread with all the stock parts assembled.

The first time I lowered a Pinto using the racer walsh blocks was on my dad's 79 wagon.  I had u-bolts made.  They were not cheap.  Shortly after, I was at my local trailer parts supply store ordering some parts for my tent trailer.  While waiting for the sales dude to be available I browsed thru some of the isles.  There was an isle that had an abundance of U-bolts that were a fraction of what I paid for the ones I had made.  They had all kinds of lengths, bolt diameters, spacings etc.  The next few cars I lowered, the u-bolts came from there.

Heres a link to new rubber spring insulator pads for both early and late model pinto and mii rear springs..

The mii and late model pintos use the oval hole mounts, the early models use round.

For 8" conversion to early pintos you need oval hole top and round hole bottoms.

If you call them and explain what you are doing they can provide part numbers you need to order

I am a know nothing I'll admit. Please tell me the purpose of lowering the back. I had heck of a time finding new springs to return my car to proper height.Bill

I think most owners lower their cars for appearance reasons. Also, the car will handle a little better when lowered front and rear. Just my opinion.


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