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Author Topic: is there someplace I can order seat covers to reupholster the original seats '79  (Read 1422 times)

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I have a 1979 Runabout and would like to reupholster the seats.  Is there somewhere online were I can just place an order for the skins for factory seats?

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I don't think there are any companies making reproduction seat covers.  You'll have to take it to an upholstery shop or throw a universal cover over it.

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hi,   Angie and I looked into making seat covers that involved the purchaser removing their seats and having to pull off the old ones then re-hog ring in the new skins.

she does custom upholstery and has been at it for 20 years.

one of the major problems we came across (besides cost, explained in a second), was that there are a few different styles of seats, and different styles for fitment.  if a buyer/order was to come to her and she made a full set of new seats, front and back, and then they are wrong or the person installing has never attempted to redo a seat before, damage can be done,  a poorly fitted seat cover would degrade the car.  all her work is done with the owner leaving the car/seats in the house/drive way for perfect work.

we thought about making easy to throw over covers, but we can't compete with cheap throws made in Chinese sweat shops.

and here is the bigger problem, real nice good quality materials start at $20.00 a yard her wholesale discounted price.  (off the shelf you buy it, upwards of $30.00 a yard) then quality goes upwards from there, including price.

our 78 runabout to redo when we get there will take roughly 9 yards, (high back) seats.

would people pay for a new set of pinto seats when the price is exactly roughly the same as redoing a 66 chevelle, 71 camaro, or a 69 stang?   upwards of 800 +

the work involved is exactly the same.   hope this sheds some light on this question.   if you lived close to us,  this would make it easier.

we were going to also make material dash caps,  ran into the same basic problems.