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Author Topic: Front shocks and coils recommendations?  (Read 469 times)

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Front shocks and coils recommendations?
« on: September 04, 2018, 04:57:16 AM »
79 Hatch. 2.3L with A/C.
My goal is to have a ride of about a 6 or 7, scale being 1= luxury car, 10 being go kart.

Already have a non stock manual rack and pinion mfg. by some company called Sweet with u-joint instead of rag joint. PO installed that. Why, I have no clue.  ??? They mainly make circle track stuff. I'm not sure what model.

Going tubular control arms, (Speedway) hoping to find poly bushings for them as they come with rubber. Already have the upper arms.

Have stock height replacement spindles, (again Speedway)but might go with 2 inch lowering. I want lower, just not sure if I want the spindles to do it or the coils.
ETA I just bought a pair of the 2 inch lowering spindles. Speedway had them on garage sale along with the brackets for the GM caliper/Granada brake swap for $99.99 and free shipping. Couldn't pass that up. Normally the spindles alone are about$175. Guess that eliminates that question at least.  ;D

I'm also going to be going with their 11 inch 5x4.5 disk brake kit, if that matters at all.

And I do have plans for all the suspension/brake stuff I will be removing. Yes, think 1974 Pinto.  ;D At least it would get the front end on wheels again.  :-[ and I do have the Speedway rack that came with the tubular arms I bought at the swap meet.

Coil overs might be the long term answer, but for now the budget won't let me even consider that.

This will be a daily driver more or less, I know someone will ask.  ;D

In Glendale, Arizona

RIP Casey, Mallory, Abby, and Sadie. We miss you.

79 Pinto ESS fully caged fun car. In progress. 8inch 4.10 gears. 351C and a T5 waiting to go in.