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Title: How to adjust clutch for best reliability
Post by: PintoCDN on August 16, 2019, 04:18:48 PM
I replaced my clutch and noticed adjustment in Haynes are not clear... chapt 5.2
 It is a 1978 FOG gear box
1- pull the cable until all free movementin the clutch release lever is eliminated2- turn the adjuster nut until it just contact the front face of the flywheel housing3- turn the nut as necessary to engage the tabs on the nut in nearest groove
I imagine #2 means the rearward part of that tab, should be in contact with bellhousing, which gives 1/4" slack when engaged in groove.More confusing is my search on web for Ford products where release bearing is always in contact with clutch. This appears an oddity to me as if clutch starts to wear it will slip.
Pinto doesn't need to have release bearing always spinning???
Thanks for your input,