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Help with engine identification


I was given a Blakely Bearcat kit car that has Pinto running gear. Unfortunately I do not have the original VIN and there are no tags on the engine or transmission. It is an inline four of unknown vintage and that's where I need help. How can I tell the difference between the 2L and the 2.3L engine without any tags? I have the same problem with the three speed automatic transmission. I'm pretty sure it's an early C4, as the dipstick tube does not go into the pan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide pictures. Thanks, Doug


There is the early 2.0 OHC engine used through 1974 that was built in Germany and is referred to as the EAO engine. Otherwise there is the USA 2.3 Lima OHC engine that was used from 74-thru the end run in 1980. There was also an early push rod 1.6 Kent engine and the V-6 Engine but yours is obviously not either of those. Also worth mentioning there was a 2.0 (and a 2.5) Lima engine used in the Ranger trucks. So, be aware that the 2.0 EAO German and the USA Lima 2.0 engines are not the same.

I promptly removed my 2.0 EAO engine from my '73 Pinto and swapped in a Turbo 2.3 Lima engine from my fuel injected '88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. Thus I'm not the best to tell the difference. That said, I have provided two pictures of my 2.0 EAO. There are aspects I believe are different between the 2.0 EAO and the 2.3 Lima engine that to the untrained eye look similar. Of note is the smallish distributor cap, the fuel pump that mounts with top/bottom bolts and the front pulley and timing "window" on the 2.0 EAO engine. I also notice a "20" on the lower part of the timing cover. I'm not sure if that denotes the 2.0 (EAO) engine or not??? I hope these help.


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