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Head Swap


Okay I've got a '79 Pinto with the 2.3L and was wondering if the Turbo 2.3 Head off of a 1988 T-Bird would bolt on to the existing block. If it does will the stock Intake work or will I have to go to EFI?

  The quick answer is YES ( HOWEVER  :D ), If the reason you want to do this is to run it in Turbo mode It wont last. All the 88 Tbird stuff would bolt on and If this 88 car is a regular EFI car then you would want to get ALL the Efi stuff off the donor car. This means wire loom, sensers, etc,etc,etc. Including the computer. Then you would intergrate the Pinto wire loom with the Tbird loom and have a EFI car. If this sounds easy dont bet on it. But it would be a nice project. ;D

Don't forget...if you are going to put turbo stuff on an n/a block, there will be no oil return drain hole for the turbo.


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