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Author Topic: Fox Mustang tank in a Pinto?  (Read 547 times)

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Fox Mustang tank in a Pinto?
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:29:54 AM »
(Oh, won't this guy shut up!)

I've been reading a lot here. So I was reading the faq section, and in a post from about 12 years ago about fuel cells someone mentioned that a fox body Mustang tank will fit, although with the inlet on the wrong side.
Has anyone actually done this?
I have a 13 gallon fuel cell I was planning on using just because I have the stupid thing, but since I have the 89 Mustang that I am apparently taking the 2.3 and trans from, I could easily take the tank if it would really work. It would make the EFI swap a bit easier to have a tank with an intank fuel pump already.

Not sure what I would do about the inlet at this point, but wanted to see if it was even feasible first. The car already has some custom bodywork done, (not to mention a full cage  ;D ) so moving the fuel inlet wouldn't be a deal breaker if the tank fits without major headaches.

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