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First timer, dash pad question

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Hello gang. Just joined up today. My first car ever was a baby blue 1975 Pinto.  Bought a 1976 Pinto last fall, sitting covered up in the back yard. Looking forward to spring to pull it out and start driving it.  I live up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Snow is starting to melt and it's warming up too. I know these Pintos are a hoot to drive in the snow and ice, but treacherous as well!

I have been doing some cosmetic work, just to make sure it looks good for the Friday night shows.  New upholstery, carpet is new.  Engine was rebuilt, brakes and tires all good.  Been having some electrical issue with starting, but working my way through that.  Thinking most of it is old crunchy cables.

But, my first question for the forum - I need a new black dash pad.  I really don't want to buy a dash cap, not fond of the look of them.  May be a last resort, but does anyone have any leads or direction for a new OEM style dash pad?  I really don't think I have the skill to redo the cap myself, looked at some videos of others that have done it - not my thing.  Kinda like doing body work - if you don't know how...

Anyway, that's it.  I'm looking forward to going through the various chats and topics, lots of reading to you.

Thanks, Toby.

PS: I have a 289 from a '66 Galaxie sitting in the warehouse where I work, but that's for much later

Welcome aboard.  My dashpad has cracks and I am going to go the "bodywork" route.  I am going to use a flexible body filler called Porpoise Putty.  It may not look perfect, or stock appearing, but there is nothing perfect or stock about my project.  There is a thread in the My Project Section called Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster if you are interested in viewing.

Howdy neighbor, I'm in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Just a hop from Calgary.
I'll be doing the bodywork type repair as well. I haven't run across any dash pads on the market.

I think I may have seen a carpet-type dashboard cover on Rock Auto but that isn't what I was looking for so I disregarded.

I haven't seen one for sale since I got mine (N.O.S.) 15 years ago. Never used it (still have it). Been in my closet ever since.


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