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First timer, dash pad question

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I saw on FB yesterday that someone had a black dash pad for sale. I assume crack free but I did not read it.  I believe it was $320 if I remember correctly.

I wish you the best in finding a suitable dash pad. Dash cap? I don't know that any were ever made. Pinto's may just be the most neglected car as far as aftermarket/replacement parts go. There are zero Pinto specific vendors out there. A few parts (mostly engine/driveline) can be sourced from Cortina/Capri specific  vendors (of which there are few).  Perhaps a rare NOS part comes up every now and then. These forgotten Fords are not like early Mustangs where you can build a whole car from parts.

This (the PCCA site) is the only dedicated Pinto site out there on the internet and yet I have seen as many as 10 days go by before a single new post is made.  I'm active on Corvair sites that had a similar year runs (9 years) yet only 1.8 million Corvairs to 3.1 million Pintos. Yet the Coirvair sites get 10-20 new posts a day. They have two main Forums, a number of lesser Forums, at least three major vendors and a dozen or so smaller vendors. The discrepancy in activity, involvement and availability couldn't be more different. I wonder if the Vega guys suffer the same dilemma?

TIGGER - thank you!  I was able to buy that dash pad.  I would not have known without you posting so a big shout out for letting me know.  Ironically, I hadn't been on the site for a couple of weeks, clicked on the day you posted and was able to hustle through buying it.  The seller did have another buyer which fell through, and sounded like there was lots of interest.

Took some work though, I don't have Facebook, and I am in Canada.  The seller wanted nothing to do with an out of country buyer, which I totally understand.  Ended up calling a buddy in St Louis, he called in a favor with another buddy in Detroit.  Part is bought and will be shipping out to me next week!  Looks like it is in great shape, certainly way better than mine which is very badly cracked in 3 areas. 

Wittsend, can't agree more.  I have been on this site for only a few weeks, and activity is very low, but I have made a couple of contacts, read some interesting stuff, and the post by TIGGER was perfect timing.

As far as sourcing parts, it is very sad the lack of Pinto support out there.  I started out with a clunker a year and a half ago, needed replacement parts bumper to bumper.  Ended up selling it as scrap metal (trust me it was too far gone, what I paid for it I got back in scrap $).  Found a nice, nearly finished Pinto.  I was hitting rock bottom realizing how much it would cost to get the other rust bucket up to the condition I wanted.  I could find headliners, carpets, could get the upholstery done locally, but dash parts, door panels, glass, engine bay parts, wheels, and so much more - very limited availability and super expensive.  Especially to find in Canada, or worse yet have to ship up from the States.  All I could see was $$$$ going out the door.

Anyway, that's my rant.  The site has been helpful, looking forward to getting the new(er) dash pad installed and hitting some shows for the first time with my Pinto!

I haven't looked in the last several years, but there used to be molded plastic dash caps for Pintos on Ebay.  Once it's in place, it's doubtful anyone would ever realize it isn't a bonafide factory dash unless they touched it.  The grain is perfect, but it's made of hard plastic.  Still, it's easy to glue into place and looks amazing.  I have one in reserve for whenever it's needed here.  I also installed a similar one in a 1983 F100 pickup I had and originally dyed it red to match the truck's interior.  Later on, I changed to color scheme from white with a red interior to white/blue Victoria Tu-Tone and blue interior.  Had the bench seat reupholstered professionally but dyed the dash cap and the original door cards myself, and it turned out great! 

Dwayne :)


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