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Author Topic: Exhaust manifold egr port  (Read 411 times)

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Exhaust manifold egr port
« on: February 27, 2020, 11:34:53 PM »
Finally decided to remove the heat shield covering the 2.3L exhaust manifold and saw what I was suspecting for a few years. A cracked manifold. Removed the manifold, EGR tube and downpipe and removed the crumbling manifold gasket. I was able to find an exhaust manifold via Facebook however the egr port and air diverter ports are plugged. Since I'm in California I have to unplug both ports to reconnect everything. The EGR tube is in tact and in good condition. I was able to remove the EGR port plug and I need opinions on which fitting will fit in there?  The fitting appears to be a 90 degree 1/2" NPT Female x 1/2" NPT Male like this one? Correct? Will the rotating male nut at the end of the EGR tube thread correctly into the female of this fitting? Or any other suggestions? Thank you.....