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Title: Epoxy for intake manifold
Post by: LongTimeFordMan on April 17, 2018, 05:54:06 PM
Hi all.. my custom i take manifold for 2 SU carburetors is almost finished but i need to do some filling around the mating surfaces on the intake ports.  The welds are a bit crude and I have had the mating surfaces surfaced on a head sander but there are some small areas that still need filled. And i also need to smooth and contour the interrior of the manifold ports  match the ports to the ports on the head.

I have read that some folks have used "epoxy" to partially fill the intake ports on a 2.0 and was wondering if any of you have had experience using JB Weld on an intake manifold.

I was contemplating using the "high temp" 500 F degree rated version and was wondering if it would hold up under the heat considering the head shouldnt get above 300 F

Any suggestions?