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Electric fan questions

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Hi folks
Im hoping somebody has experience with electric fans, my question is with my radiator in my 71 Pinto it has to be a pusher style and needs to be a 14 inch. The only one I am finding that will fit is from Jegs. It is a very thin fan at just over 2 inches but only has a CFM rating of just over 1000 and all my research tells me I need minimum 2500 CFM for a V-8 engine my engine being a well warmed up 351 Cleveland.
Now if that fan will not work would I be better off to go to a smaller fan lets say around 12 inches and as much CFM as I can get or if anybody else has any ideas or options I would love to hear from you.

Thank you all in advance

Are you using the 17" radiator that came in the early cars? I enlarged my opening ('73) by moving it over 3" to the side to receive the later years 20" radiator.  I took the piece I cut out and overlapped it with the existing to reinforce the area when I welded it back in. I outlined how I did the overlap. The piece primarily mounted on the rear side overlaps in the front where the indent is.

 The 20" radiator touches the apron but a few pieces of rubber keeps things quiet and avoids scuffing.  Since I did the 2.3 Turbo Coupe swap I just used the fan as a pusher and in my application it cools quite well. That said I really should make a guard for the exposed blades. Anyway, here are a few pictures.


The rad is a Griffin side tanks and the core is 17 wide and 14 deep. With the Cleveland it had to be mounted in front of the cradle but I leaned the top in to clear the hood with out cutting it up. Its all real tight. Id post some pics but it keeps telling me to convert the to some other format.  Not my thing.

I've been staying in the house the last couple days due to heavy wildfire smoke......I'll venture out to the shop & take pictures etc of mine if you want.

I have not had the car out this year. Yet.
Last fall Tinnitus started in my right ear & is now starting in the left. Along with it is a slightly dizzyness. Not sure what the TQ will do to me.......

Found this today....


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