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Easy, inexpensive DIY fuse holder


Need a compact, functional, inexpensive fuse holder for 1, 2, 5 or more fuses for a wiring project?

Make your own from inexpensive marteials.

Photo has details..

Euro style screw type terminal block
Female spade connectors
Some heat shrink tubing
Some bits of hookup wire.

Cut short pieces of hookup wire as shown and use them to connect spade terminals to 5he terminal block, insert fuses.

Red wire shows how to connect a power bus power bus or just connect as pink wire for isolated circuits

Screw terminals make easy solderless connections

Pink wire also.demonstra tes how to make inline fuse holders.

Never seen those Euro style terminal blocks. They seem to offer many connection options. They sell fuse boxes on Ebay for $12-$18 but they only have one power in source. Not the best if you want constant - and switched power sources. I tried to repair on my Corvair fuse box (rust). I tried to solder wash the original glass tube fuse bracket to prevent them from re-rusting. I sand blasted them, soaked them in liquid flux for a day but there were still areas that the solder wouldn't stick.

Eventually I gutted the metal clips for the glass fuses and installed those molded fuse holders. At Lowes they were only $3.12 each where as the other hardware stores wanted $6 for them. I did use one inline glass fuse holder only because I needed a 3 amp fuse and the glass ones were easier to find at that rating.

Some links to fuse and terminal blocks


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