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Crank Pulley Removal 2.3


I searched the archives before posting, but I need advice for removing the crank pulley.  I put my 2-arm puller behind the inner groove and started to bend it so I stopped.  Would it be better to put the puller in between the two belt grooves?  Or is there a better way?  There doesn't seem to be a good way to spray penetrating oil so it gets onto the crank snout.  I've never had a hard time getting one off but this one has likely been on for a long time.  Any advice will be appreciated.

I keep spraying penetrating oil and tapping but still not budging.  The crank pully bolt came out but the washer is still in there.  I haven't been able to get it out yet.  Do you think that is holding anything up?  I think it should still pop off.  I put my smaller three arm puller on and was able to grab the outer pulley and put some tension on it.  Maybe overnight while I'm sleeping the penetrating oil will work and it will pop off?  Wishful thinking...

What is the function of the two holes and notches in the snout of the pulley?  Is it for using some type of factory puller?

SUCCESS!!!  A little heat from the MAP torch and it pulled off!  And I didn't have to get out the heave artillery (oxy-acetylene torch).  Next is to remove everything from the intake side of the engine.  I pray for no broken bolts...


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