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Yep. When I start to say, "...the drive train from a T-Bird Turbo Coupe" I'm not sure what loses them more, "T-Bird" or "Turbo Coupe." Maybe I should say. "... the drivetrain SIMILAR to a SVO Mustang." And the harder one's are the people who HAVE to be the expert at everything, correct me (not), and say, 'a T-Bird was never turbo charged nor came with a 4 cylinder engine.'

While I certainly support anyone's right to modify their car to whatever standard they desire, I've always kept my "collectibles" bone stock.  Simply put, that's the way people remember them from yesteryear.  I've done more modification to brand new vehicles I use as my daily driver than I ever have to the seventies model Lincolns and Pintos I've owned.  I've always taken, "It looks like it just rolled off the new car showroom!" as high praise.  We all do what we do with our cars to satisfy some craving we have, and there's absolutely no rules as to how we do it.  The object of the hobby is to enjoy our cars to the fullest.

Dwayne :)

It is ok with me if people think my bobcat is a pinto. If you are not an enthusiast it is an easy mistake to make. What drives me nuts is "nice Maverick, beautiful Gremlin, love that Vega. I just smile and say thanks. I know it is because these people are to young to ever seen one on the street. The ones who really piss me off are those who tell me that I don't know what I am talking about. Thousands of people died, It is too serious an issue for me not to acknowledge.

When I towed my Pinto home I stopped at a gas station for a bottle of water.  When I came out a young man was looking at it and asked, "Dude, is that a Gremlin?"  I had to explain Pintos to him.  He was "impressed" to say the least... :P

Sixteen years ago..., way back in 2007 I trailered my Pinto home. It was 400 miles away in San Francisco, two blocks from where my wife grew up. It (barely) ran but I did get it to U-Haul a few miles away. I had to rent a 10ft. box van and a trailer as they wouldn't rent a pick up to tow a trailer. Anyway, all the people in the office came out to see a "Pinto." It was quite amusing. You would have thought it was a celebrity TV car or something.


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