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I just had my 13th Pinto 75 coupe find me when I was out with my 12th 73 wagon. I have never owned the same color Pinto I have owned one since 1981 before they were cool. My mom bought me my first one when I was 16. I took it 4 wheeling and I could go just as hard as the Toyota's back in the day. I put over 111,000 miles on it in just over 3 years. I love the fact that some people have never seen a Pinto before and have no clue what kind of car I’m driving. I also love the people who flock around my car when the “Cool” cars are all around me including my husband’s 64 Chevelle SS. I always get more customers than he does, more pictures, looks and stories of back when…... Never get tired of people giving a honks, thumbs up or taking pictures as I drive down the road. Never heard of any other car that you could insure for 6 times the cost of it when it was new from the showroom floor. 


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