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Author Topic: Clutch help  (Read 707 times)

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Clutch help
« on: September 11, 2015, 08:13:34 PM »
 My cars been getting more and more difficult to shift into first when its running and warmed up.

 Now I had this car since 1986 so I have had to get the clutch replaced a few times. And a couple years ago I replaced the cable, the two before were so cheap they wore out the rubber part that keeps it from going through the firewall. This one seems better made with a metal part at that end but....

 Well when the clutch has gone out before this was the symptom then and new clutch always fixed it.

 I wanted to try to be sure before I spend the $ even though this ones been in there for about 8 years.

 So I went to adjust the cable thinking I would adjust it opposite the normal way to remove freeplay. The pedal did have a lot.

 The adjuster nut was stuck, I got it off the bell housing and got it freed up, and adjusted it. When I was tightening the lock down nut, it wasnt getting real tight. Then I thought oh oh, I remember this. The rod gets pulled through the threads on the plastic adjuster nut, and the rod gets pulled in, adding more freeplay. Thats why the nut was jammed I guess?

 Checked the pedal it had more free play than it did after I first adjusted it. I think Im on the right track. I need to put the old Blue one on this new cable.

 What do you think? Maybe time for a new clutch or has this happened to you? Cant it drive it just yet.