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Car cover for squire wagon


I am looking for a fairly inexpensive car cover for my 1980 Squire wagon for indoor storage only.  I cannot find an exact fit, so I am looking for a cover that will work.

The Bronze Shield cover at the bottom is for indoor use.

California Car Covers also will make a cover to your specs as for materials, type of use, and application for all body styles of the Pintos. It is pricier than what was previously mentioned. It really comes down to your needs. For those stored inside, itís probably more than what you need while for those used outdoors really comes down to the type of exposure your car would haveÖwindy? Rainy? Heat?

I have one for my truck, but I havenít purchased one yet for my Pinto. The one I have for the truck which is stored indoors has the flannel innards and padded exterior. I have had that for over 15 years and still looks new.

Happy Motoring!

I totally recommend California Car covers.   I got a "Duststop" cover for a Mustang GT 15 years ago for indoor storage and it's still awesome!  Looks like a material like it now is called "plushweave".   My wife washed it a year ago and it held up just fine.   It works well protecting the paint.   Once I get my '72 Pinto painted, I'll get one for it too.   I have several different covers over the cars in my barn & this is the best by far.   Even a rusty parts car with a cheap cover looks nice!

I just ordered mine from California Car Covers as winter is coming! I will let you know how the fit and quality is once it arrives. If itís anything like what I have for my truck, itíll be perfect!

Happy Motoring!


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