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Author Topic: Camonics camshafts  (Read 983 times)

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Camonics camshafts
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:33:00 PM »
  Has anyone ever hear of this company, I just picked up a motor out of a sand rail and it has stamped on the end CAMONICS Z3108.
I did find out there is a cam company on Hollywood of the same name and that they were using old Racer Brown profiles. Just want to find out the specs. before swinging this into the 72.
Tried to call the company, no answer. Can I use a degree wheel to get the info I need?. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks Rich T.

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Re: Camonics camshafts
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 03:12:58 PM »
Well, here is the home of Camonics 7215 Camellia Ave North Hollywood, CA.  YIKES! Virtually nothing else about them on the internet other than a (818) 982-3445 phone number and these statements:

 "Camonics are made here in No. Hollywood, calif, they are all the old profiles of Racer Brown cams, ED is the owner, they are on Vanowen st. Jim" (addresses don't correlate)

Originally Posted by big_red View Post
I know this is very old news, but what happened to these guys, Camonics Camshafts.
Are you referring to Camonics in North Hollywood? They did the solid flat tappet regrind we used to run in the Vette.

On a side note, I was speaking with UD Harold a while back, and he was explaining to me about the Camonics name...

So, no not much to go on.


  I found a picture on Google Images dated to a 1971 time period that had an address for Racer Brown as 9265 Borden Ave. San Fernando, CA So, for sure not the same building.  Back in the mid 70's I was at Racer Brown's when my friend got sized for lash pads on his Datsun motor. But frankly that was 40+ years ago and I can't remember the building being there - once.

Yes, you can get close to the cam specs with a degree wheel. I'd go with the @ 0.050 spec to be accurate. Otherwise the "Advertised" numbers had odd lift starting points. Don't forget to factor in the rocker ratio for lift. Also won't tell you much about the ramp speeds but most published data never did anyway.