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c-4 swap??


Has anyone ever used a c-4 from a 302 in a pinto with a  2.3  motor ?
It has more clutch plates and I understand the pinto torque converter and
bellhousing will fit.

I assume you mean in place of a C-3? Some of the early Pinto's had a C-4 transmission. How it differed from the V-8 version C-4 I do not know. My '73 wagon had a 2.0/ C-4. When I went to the 2.3/Turbo/T-5 5 speed I offered it here cheap, but never got any bites. It wound up going to Pick Your Part for the $18 core fee on a 700R4 I put in my Studebaker. That was over 10 years ago. You might look at some of the sites more incline towards racing as they likely have a better understanding of what fits what. That said there are probably a few here that know. The problem is traffic here is light and slow.

My 1980 2.3 Pinto has a C-4.  I don't know if the internals are different in the 4 cyl vs 302 version.  I'm glad it's a C-4 and not a C-3!  Hopefully this Summer I will find out if it works.  I never drove the car before disassembling and cutting it up.  When I drained the fluid and dropped the pan there wasn't anything in it gave me reason for concern. 

I have an 80 Pinto with a 2.3 auto.  I assumed it was a C3 ??   Anyway, its getting a 2.3 turbo/ T5 transplant so I dont need the trans.   IIRC, the trans had issues shifting.  Anyway its free if someone wants it.  Im in SE michigan or can bring it to Carlisle for the Ford meet.  Maybe Columbus for the all Ford swap.    Tim G.   

The C-3 pan uses 13 bolts; the C-4 pan uses 11 bolts.  That will tell you which one you have.  The C-4 is sturdier and more desirable. 


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