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A-pillar gauge pod?

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I'm getting nearer the point of addressing my Pinto's interior and one thing that has been on my mind for a long time is that there aren't a lot of places to put gauges. I'd like to keep a speedometer in the dash and maybe put a tach in the left hole, but that leaves nowhere to really locate temp, oil, fuel, boost, and a wideband O2 display up in easy view.

Then I got to thinking...doe s anyone here know of an a-pillar gauge pod that might kinda fit a Pinto? It's alright if I have to tweak and fit it. Everything else has been that way. I'm thinking three to four gauges.

I can't answer about the pod but the Pinto does have a windshield rake similar to modern cars so hopefully you can find something.

There was a Pinto mini console (or better said, a large sunglass holder) that housed the heater controls below when the in later years an optional gauge cluster was used in the heater control position. It likely won't free up space for all the gauges you want, and the opening might not be large enough for your gauge type, but it is an option to consider. I maneuvered the T/C tach along side the speedometer but it came at the expense of the gas gauge. I used the T/C gauges and cheaply housed them in a piece of wood under the dash. Never liked it, but never did anything about it.

An A pillar pod would be a cool addition.  Maybe when it warms up here in Wisconsin I could try to create a fiberglass version.  Does anyone know if the A pillar is the same for all years of Pintos?

I'm weighing all the options. One is to have a tach and speedometer in the stock cluster and put everything else somewhere else. The speedometer is going to stay where it is. My original idea was to make an aluminum gauge console to go under the radio.
I'm also considering other things like marine multifunction 4-in-1 gauges to replace the stock fuel level with fuel/oil/water/volts. The tough bit is finding one with a similar style to the old Stewart Warner Stage III speedometer I want to use.

I also like the idea of putting extra gauges where the heater controls are. Does anyone know if moving the control panel to the "console" area requires cables specific to that configuration?


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