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77/78 "Youth Wagon" spoiler question


Hi everyone, been a LONG time, more to come, but a quick question. Is there any reason why the spoiler from the 77/78 youth wagon would NOT fit a '76 wagon? I understand the headlamp surrounds, bumpers, and grilles are different, but I cannot imagine one of these spoilers would not fit a '76, since the front ends are otherwise identical. Comments please, thanks!


Welcome back Chris!!!

Like you, I can't imagine that it wouldn't fit, but I really don't know.  Hopefully, somebody with a little better knowledge will come along and give you a reliable answer soon.

Dwayne :)

Thank you Dwayne, very happy to be here. More news to come, but big plans for this fall/winter. Appreciate you welcoming me back!! Glad to see you still here  :)

i have a front spoiler from a 77 wagon on my 76 hatchback. fits with no issues.


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