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Title: 77 Runabout parking brake help needed
Post by: RacingTempo on May 20, 2019, 04:49:26 PM
Ok folks, new owner and member here. I had the search function and didnít find these specific as, so I figured Iíd ask. I just picked up this car last month and am new to the Pinto family and donít want to break anything while taking this apart, since I know parts tough(impossible)to find. My parking brake doesnít engage and I need to take the cover off of the lever to see whatís going on. The cable underneath is all in tact, but the lever doesnít seem to be connected. Any advice? Pictures? Thanks in advance - Ted
Title: Re: 77 Runabout parking brake help needed
Post by: pinto_one on May 21, 2019, 07:18:47 AM
the parking brake set up is very common to other cars , simple to fix , first you have to make sure everything is there , sometimes someone has worked on the car and you can leave out a few parts and you have a problem with the parking brake , starting from the brake handel you will see a rod with two jamb nuts , the rod goes trough a rubber boot to the transmission tunnel , look under the car (right above the front driveshaft U-joint ) you will see the rod hooked trough a round braket and the one cable loops around it , if all is good have someone pull up on the brake handle while you look at the cable , both left and right cables should pull out the same , if one pulls out way more that brake may have missing parts , if the cable does not move much you will have to lossen the two jamb nut on the handle rod and run the nuts in , (shorten the rod , ) if that works keep turning them in untel the handle moves half way up and parking brakes are on , lock the two nuts back , your done hope this help for starters