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Author Topic: 75 Bobcat Wagon vacuum nightmare  (Read 1109 times)

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75 Bobcat Wagon vacuum nightmare
« on: September 25, 2016, 09:41:44 PM »
The previous owner of my 1975 Bobcat wagon with 2.3, 4 speed and air conditioning saw fit to yank every vacuum line as well as throw an aftermarket air cleaner on. I have entirely rebuilt the carb, repairing the broken throttle idle step down (fragile) part, hoping to gain a cold start fast idle again. I am attempting to identify and correctly connect what vacuum lines I am able to do, which is terribly daunting. I have Chiltons manual, the full set of 1975-76 ford factory manuals and even the motor (totally useless) emission diagrams. Not only do they conflict, they tend to describe the basic funtion without identifying what or where each part is, and tell you to "check your application". Thanks, glad I invested in lots of confusing and irrelevant literature.

To the point. I do not plan to pay for a missing air pump, and will run without. However, I think I have everything else intact and need a useful diagram to show how the WHOLE lot connects, as I have one CSSA system showing two PVS units connections, although both in the manual have three ports, and mine has one with three, one with two. I also have a little electrically activated unit that appears to have two vacuum ports, located above the coil... what is it? To what port does the EGR connect, and what and where is a WOT valve? Should I have an SDV valve, if so,where? Where would my Vacuum reservoir be (with integral check valve)... I located the vacuum amplifier, and I think I follow what is supposed to connect to what, but no existing diagram accurately covers my "application"... Bear in mind the air con will remain disconnected as it costs too much to fix and I don't really need it in Colorado. Is there anyone who can help sort this without the standard reply "you don't need it, just leave it off"...
I am not incapable, as I already replaced the water pump, thermostat, all hoses as well as carefully tackling the cam belt, overhauled the entire brake system, installed new door and window seals, new rear bearings and seals, and a myriad of other clear-cut jobs. I welcome any knowledgeable assistance getting this spaghetti nightmare of hoses sorted correctly!

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Re: 75 Bobcat Wagon vacuum nightmare
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 07:24:05 AM »
In my family room I have a 1976 Ford EVTM book that unless I am mistaken includes vacuum. I can take a look at it when I get home. I fully understand both sides. Both the "You don't need it, just leave it off" side, and your side. Like you I want my car to be as correct as possible. Whether or not it's needed. I have a 1980 that experienced an engine fire, but also had no air cleaner & missing vacuum lines & air pump when I bought it. While the stuff isn't needed I want it to be correct, with the exception of the air pump.  I'll let you know what I find in the book.
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Re: 75 Bobcat Wagon vacuum nightmare
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2016, 12:10:25 PM »
The 76 book does not cover vacuum. The 75 book will.I found mine on ebay
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