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71 driver side door Window


Scott Hamilton:
I have a '71 2 door sedan (run about?) that needs a driver side window (door).  Some one responded to my cries for help, with a 76 (didn't mention model).  Would that work?

A better question might be what the range of years are for the same style that will work in each other.  

Attached is a jpg of the exact same car as mine (a little better shape though- and seems to have all its window...) from this sites classifieds, though it is listed as a '72 (run about?), and mine is a '71. (I have never been able to discern if mine is in fact, a run about).  Is there a range of years that windows are interchangable? (i.e. a '74 will also fit a '71...)

Thanks for your time!

Love this site! :D  I wish I had explored it earlier.


Scott Hamilton:

The Runabout had a full opening hatch not a trunk as the sedans do, Most of the Runabouts have a full back glass except for the earlier models, 71..

I'm not much on details, but if your Pinto has a trunk, it's a sedan.

Scott Hamilton:

Ah Ha!!!  ,

and now I know the rest of the storie...

Frank  :D  


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