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5 lug 4 wheel disc turbo 2.3


I have a 1974 pinto and would like to upgrade the vehicle.I also have a totaled 1985 mustang SVO.
 The question is this.
 Will the front disc rotors and calipers fit the pinto? ( the pinto has disc up front but I want the 5 lugs)
 I am aware that that the track on of the mustang is wider than the pinto so to swap the complete rearend into the pinto would put the wheels outside,or into the fender lip.If I use the pinto rear housing with ranger axles,can I then use the rotars,calipers and brackets from the rear of the SVO?
 The engine in the SVO has a few bolt ons,bringing the HP to an estimated 245,both the engine and 5 speed are reciently rebuilt,I would like to use these items on the pinto also,will the bolt directly in? I hope that by transfering the complete wiring harness and computer  from the SVO to the pinto that all will work.With the SVO being EFI,will I also need to swap the fuel tank?
 Can anyone help here ???

Don, thats alot of questions :). First, No your front discs etc wont fit on the pinto and the rearend will be to wide. Your better off going with a 8" rearend out of a mustang II. Yes you can use all the SVO motor and trans stuff and , if your 74 had a 2.3 originally in it it will slide in, however you will be cutting about an ince or more out of the sheetmetal above the shifter and you will need to notch about one inch in the trans mount bracket becouse the T5 slides back further. Make sure you keep ALL of the sencers etc off the donor car and plug them into the wireing loom when doing the transplant. You dont need to get another gas tank but you need to modify yours for a gas return line. Also get a good fuel pump ( you will need to place the pump on a relay switch)  BTW lots of info on this swapp on

 Thanks,I had doubts about the brakes,just a hope.
 The reason I ask about the fuel tank is the one in the SVO is less than a year old,new tank,new walbro.
 This car was built ground up new,needed paint.


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