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4 bolt pinto 6.75 vs 4 bolt mii 8"

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I was wondering if there are any 8" rear ends that were fitted with 4 bolt wheels that would fit the 4 bolt wheels from a 73 pinto 6.75 rear

I may be able to get an 8" but would like to keep my  current alloy rims.


The 74-80 Pinto and Mustang II both 8" and 6.75" rears have a larger hub size than the 71-73 Pinto's.  The Ford 71-73 steel wheels will not fit over this larger hub.  The after market aluminum wheels that I have used have a larger center hole so they fitted over the larger hub.  I do not know if the 73 Ford aluminum wheels have the smaller center hole or not.  Just roughly measuring the center hole on Ford steel wheels, the 71-73 center hole is 2.4+" while a 79 wheel measured 2.5+".


I have Americam Racing aluminum rims with the removable centers which i wanted to keep so i dont think that the center hub would be a problemsince i can wobble the centers when the lug nuts are loose when i install or remove the rims

I was mainly  concerned about the 4 bolt  lug pattern fitting my rims. My rims  have tapered lug holes and bolts so i assume that they locate on the lug bolts

Nice looking wheels.  All stock Pinto's used 4 lugs on a 4-1/4" bolt circle pattern.  Note some of the 1960's Ford's used 4 lugs on a 4-1/2" bolt circle pattern, see link below.  From my experiences, the lugs will center the wheel.  My heavy stock GMC van uses the lugs to center the wheels and it came with tapered lug nuts for the stock aluminum wheels.  The after market aluminum wheels on my Pinto's were designed and use straight shank lug nuts to center the wheels.

Those wheels look late 70's early 80's - or even newer and I'd assume have the larger center hole. But if you take one off and measure the opening it should give a decent indication. The difference isn't much as Jerry stated. The pattern is 4-1/4" which also mated to the Fox body 4 bolt pattern.

 Just a note that I recall there is something different about the 8" rear and the parking brake cable. I can't remember if it is the attachment anchor or the cable length. So, you might either need to swap the cable or make sure you get the 8" brake cable. Hopefully someone else knows. I did mine 12+ years ago and my recollection just isn't what it use to be.

... And I recall there might be a difference in the axle tube diameter??? I think when I grabbed my 8" I basically made sure everything that was re-attachable I put back on before I went to the window to buy it. Again the memory is vague. I hate getting old!


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