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Title: 2015 2.3 ecoboost turbo
Post by: chrisf1219 on May 17, 2014, 01:37:46 PM
hi just was on yahoo and saw a report on 2015 ford has a 2.3 ecoboost turbo putting out more than 300 hp.Wow wish I could get that in my wagon with a 5 speed!!! I sure would like 4 times the horsepower!! What do you think?  chris
Title: Re: 2015 2.3 ecoboost turbo
Post by: amc49 on May 17, 2014, 03:59:07 PM
4X the bucks to go along with it............ ........Ford should have coined the term earlier to get everyone to buy nothing but extremely complicated turbo cars to end up in the scrapyards years sooner. Just my take on things but one gets sarcastic when they go to the yards a lot to see thousands of cars that would not have been there except way too complicated for the owner to keep them up. Letting Ford do it will bankrupt you.

Take Focus cars, they go to the yards by the thousands just because people cannot understand the cooling system electrics and not hard at all.

Here in Texas many Contour/Mystique end up in yards simply because the A/C doesn't work and death here. The owners and mechanics cannot find the two wires that commonly melt to take the A/C out. Virtually every one in the yards has that issue. Many of the engines are fine.

At least it means there'll be plenty of cheap parts for whoever CAN understand them. 

Once one gets old enough to be able to mentally offset some of the testosterone they realize that power ain't necessarily all there is to life. Why I dumped 500+ hp. race cars to concentrate on cheap crackerboxes to get everywhere I need on pennies and forever. I haven't made car payments but for maybe 7 years of the last 40, yet have always had dependable transportation usually 3 cars deep. You won't find that in ecoboost land.

The big problem and one I saw at the parts store several times every single day. The average intelligence of the driver/car maintainer has dropped, not gone up to deal with the technology used today. People came in every day with obvious ideas that came right out of the '60s, the general public is so far behind modern technology it will never be able to catch back up. Pretty soon I'll have another term to deal with.......... ......ecojunk.

I could easily buy 3 cars for what one of those costs.
Title: Re: 2015 2.3 ecoboost turbo
Post by: 65ShelbyClone on May 21, 2014, 02:37:39 AM
300rwhp out of an ancient 2.3T isn't that hard although I will point out that they don't have the internal cooling to sustain that output level. They don't really have enough internal cooling to maintain the stock 205hp trim at race pace. I believe the Ecoboost does, at least the V6 one in F150s.

One thing that turns me off for self-tuning is the gasoline direct injection. Sure it opens up potential that port injection cannot, but you practically have to be a powertrain engineer to understand and manipulate all the concepts at work. It also means that standalone computers must have very precise sequential injection and ignition capabilities, not to mention the special fuel systems involved.