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1972 6.75 axle seals

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Having trouble finding axle seals for my 72 Runabout, stock 6.75 rear end. Anybody have any part #'s, thanks, JR.

I just looked on Rock Auto and found nothing.  I'm sure they are available but you might have to take an old seal to a seal shop to have the OD and ID measured and sourced that way.  I can't imagine they are not available.

i just looked on ebay under nos ford pinto rear wheel seals and there are 19 listings for seals. hope this helps!

D1FZ-1177-A & D1FZ-1177-B

Upon further review, I have found out that the seals are left, and right side specific, who knew? Thanks everybody, will get the Lima Bean back on the road! JR


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