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1971-73 2.0 motor mounts

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1971-73 2.0 engine mounts.

I've been looking for a source for motor mounts for my 73  2.0 wagon and it seems that all of the NOS is gone.

I have been researching rebuilding mounts from urethane resin but need a few pairs to experiment with.

If anyone has any worn out mounts I would be willing to buy them to experiment with.  If i am successful in finding a method to refurbish them i will post instructions.

Not sure how to receive responses so just post them as comments and i will try to send my contact info.

Thanks Ed


Interesting..., I have just been going through this with my Corvair Station Wagon. The trans/differential has two mounts roughly 2" x 2-1/2" circular. They are $170 for the pair!!! After investigating the Polyurethane method I came to find that it comes in many hardness's and within the hardness factor there are numerous scales that they are measured on.  Shore Hardness A seems to be the appropriate scale.

Shore Hardness A as it applies to factory motor mounts can be anywhere from 40-50. 60 is commonly sold as stiffer upgrade. Then you get these people who go all the way to 94 which is like solid steel. Smooth On is one of the big suppliers of the Poly and they have a chart that helps you understand.

Because most motor mounts are primarily compressible (downward, at an angle) the 2 part Poly should do well. In the case of my Corvair they are vertical and housed in a 2" tube with a center bolt. Because adhesion was paramount I opted for another product. The regular Poly can shrink and I would lose bond in the tube. Thus I opted to use 3M Windo-Weld 08609. This had adhesion properties to strongly bind a windshield to the car but is still a Poly product with a Shore A hardness of 55-60. The only down side is that it is a 1 part moisture cured product. I had to put it in in 1/8" thick layers (that would we 12 layers) two hours apart and it was a 24 hour all night affair. While cheaper than buying new mounts the stuff isn't as inexpensive as many state. They are often sold in "Starter Kits" otherwise you are buying gallons. Tax and shipping pushes the kits into the $40 range. My Window-Weld was 10.5 Oz. and was $33 with tax (free Amazon shipping). I used two thirds of the tube on my two mounts.

Anyway, sorry I don't have any 2.0 mounts for you to test with but hopefully the Poly information is helpful. I've included a before/after picture of my Corvair mounts as inspiration.


Interesting read.  Nice job, and good luck to anyone that takes on the challenge. 

Thanks for the info...

I found the Smooth On and spoke to a rep and that was one of the resins i was considering..

He mentioned.cons iderations about heat so i measured the temps of the mounts after driving about half an hour in 90 degree weather i measured 145 degrees on driver side and about 200-210 passenger side under the exhaust manifold.

After some research, i found these options for universal motor mounts

And i think i might try adapting one of these since they are rubber and one has mounting stud
 molded in. And i thought about drilling the studded one and adding a "safety" bolt to replace the canle in the factory mount to limit stretching on the driver side which is under torsion load.

The other might be good for soms sort of bolt thru sandwich arrangement.

Some ford rangers with the 4.0l engine had torque limiting "shock absorbers" on the drivers side. Early 90's. That might be simpler.


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