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Window cling sticker

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Hey guy's,

   I need some info on the window clings. I originally ordered 2 stickers. I only received one! I emailed Brad (I think that was the name) about not receiving 2, but never heard anything back. Could have gone to  my junk email, but not sure!!

Anyway, I was wondering is the number on the sticker for me or my car? I wanted 2, one for each Pinto. (will eventually need 3 LOL), but if the number is for the "member" number, I can understand why I only received 1!!

If the number is for the car, I will end up buying 2 more eventually. I accidentally deleted my receipt I had stating I paid for 2, and the one to Brad(?), and I really don't mind paying for 2 more anyway. It helps the site!!! :)

phils toys:
My  understanding is it is to register the car  I am sure it will be taken care of

I'm not to worried about not getting the other sticker, just explaining why I was asking!!! It wasn't that much money, so consider it a tiny donation!! LOL  I was just currious about member or car number!!

I will order another sticker for the grey and brown cars after the holidays!!!


Curious, how long do these take to arrive? I ordered mine about a week and a half ago and they haven't arrived yet.

It has been two years since I ordered the last sticker for my 78, so I don't recall how long I waited. Just getting antsy to officially badge Brownie! :)

Scott Hamilton:
The stickers numbers are for a Pinto Registry that was never completed-  Have tried several different solutions with no luck. I have a good solution pending now,

For the time being you can input your sticker number into your Profile.. Look for the Registered ride in your profile.

If you have not received your stickers after paying for them we need to look into this ASAP. I know Brad will take care of you, he's always been on top of it.  I'll PM him to check this thread..


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