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Window cling sticker

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--- Quote from: Scott Hamilton on November 20, 2010, 02:28:52 PM ---

For the time being you can input your sticker number into your Profile.. Look for the Registered ride in your profile.

--- End quote ---

I  have to many to list! LOL

Sometimes I dont get an email varification that Paypay has funds. When I looked at PayPal today I saw there was an outstanding sticker request. I will be sending David's sticker out today.
Sorry for the delay.

Thanks Brad! Do you send both stickers together? I ordered one of the PCCA white vinyl stickers, as well as one of the Registered Ride stickers.

Scott Hamilton:

PM Sent-

I realized when I was sending you the PM that you can see everyone's transactions as well since you are a store admin...  Reply to the PM if I can help...

--- Quote from: pintogirl on December 16, 2008, 09:44:44 PM ---Hey guy's,

   I need some info on the window clings. I originally ordered 2 stickers. I only received one! I emailed Brad (I think that was the name) about not receiving 2, but never heard anything back. Could have gone to  my junk email, but not sure!!

Anyway, I was wondering is the number on the sticker for me or my car? I wanted 2, one for each Pinto. (will eventually need 3 LOL), but if the number is for the "member" number, I can understand why I only received 1!!

If the number is for the car, I will end up buying 2 more eventually. I accidentally deleted my receipt I had stating I paid for 2, and the one to Brad(?), and I really don't mind paying for 2 more anyway. It helps the site!!! :)

--- End quote ---

Hey scott, who should be contact for the PCCA white vinyl stickers? I ordered one of these are the same time I ordered the registered ride sticker and it hasn't yet arrived! :(

Thanks for getting ahold of Brad for us about the registered ride stickers, Brownie is now ride 195! :D


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