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PCCA Polo's? Yup! They are here...

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Joe what are the chances that you can bring one to the FFF Western Regional meet and have me pay you at that time?

I plan on bringing all the shirts I have with me. I'll hold one for you if you like to save the shipping. Just tell me what size.
I currently have:
Blue Polos - Small X 2, Medium X 3, Large X 4, X Large x1
Black polo - Large x 1
These all have the embroidered logos on the front

I also have T-shirts, which I have not set up in the store yet.
I had to order a few to check the quality before I start selling them.
Men's and Women's T-shirts with the logo digitally printed, small in front like the polo and large, centered on the back of the shirt. They all look great!

I have right now 1 each of:
Mens Large in Royal Blue, Navy, Grey, Black and Cream and 1 each of Womens Medium in Pale Yellow and Sky Blue.

I need to get these up in the store, maybe this week.

I'll post this message on the FFF thread as well.


Blue x-large if you will, please.  Thanks

Wouldn't ya know it!

Chris (Popbumper) just bought my last XL so I just ordered 6 more XL's. They should arrive by 3/12/10 in plenty of time to bring one for you to Knotts.


   Do you have a polo in gray extra large? Let me know and I can send you a money order. Thanks!

                                 Phil Reynders


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