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Scott Hamilton:
WE have the winners of the 2009 Calendars,  Check it out!

If you are a winner you have until August 31st to  get your pictures to us...  That's right AUGUST 31ST!!

Download your instructions now and get cooking,

Click Here

The 2009 PCCA / Calendar starts NOW,

Here is how it's going to work,

Now until April 15th 2008 we will be asking for you to 'enter' your Pintos by posting a picture of your Pinto & a short description in this thread. FYI- Every Pinto MUST have a PCCA Sticker BEFORE the final shoot.

April 16th- April 30th we will put up a poll asking for everyone to 'vote' on which 20 cars are the best.

May 1st-May 15th the Charter Members will cut the number of Pintos to 15 and decide what cars will be what months (with 3 as runner-up backup entries)

The Admins will announce the 15 winners on July 16th in this thread. All 15 winners will be expected to download the instructions which includes purchasing a disposable 35mm camera and shooting your car in a scenic vista of your choice. certain shots will be required, ie. front back side etc but you can 'ad lib' from there. Sorry NO DIGITAL images will be accepted this year due to misunderstandi ngs about resolution as opposed to actual photo or file size. The only way to guarantee the SAME quality across the calendar is if everyone is on the same page.

The Charter Members & Admins will complete the calendars and have them available to order no later than September 30th 2008 through Cafe Press.

So... Let's start posting your Pinto Pictures & get the ball rolling!!!

No representation is made that the Charter Members or Admins actually know what they are doing, in each and every case of actual knowledge exhibited by any of your CM or Admins there has always been a definite deliberate admission of for thought that closely resembles IQ scores closer to mice as opposed to Horses (Pintos). Actual embellishments or expressions of understanding are limited in scope to curtail any real or known importance. User be worried.

The Shiny Police   

Final Fifteen! The month of JANUARY

PHOTOS ARE IN Looking Good As Always

Here's Mine,

1973 Pinto Runabout with Hot Pants Body Kit. 2.0L, 4spd, Full Restoration Inside and Out. Purchased 7/23/2006, Restore Started 11/26/2006  and 1st car show after restoration 6/3/2007. Modifications include rebuilt block bored .20, hardened valve seats for unleaded gas, header, Pertronix electronic conversion. Pinto seats with custom upholstery, interior restored top to bottom, Sony Xplod Stereo and Speakers. Rear spoiler is on it's way and hope to have installed by final picture time to complete the Hot Pants Kit. PCCA sticker already displayed.

for more pics see here -->

Thanks for you consideration,

Cookieboy  ;D

Final Fifteen! The month of FEBRUARY

PHOTOS are IN Thanks !!!

These are of Connie's car.

This car found us about 3 years ago. It was rescued by a guy that worked at the junk yard it had been hauled to. He purchased it before the title was turned in, and he made an attempt at putting it on the road and had plans to restore it. He did not have the Pinto 'know-how' to do much with it, and he did might have done more harm to it than good. He had contacted a good friend of mine asking if he knew of anyone that might want a Pinto and my name came up (some how). It took over three months for the owner to contact me, but he did and we went to look at with the intention of getting another parts car. The car ran, but mechanically that’s all we could tell. During his ownership of it, he seller had lost the keys, busted out a quarter window, ‘popped’ the column, as well as dented it up quite a bit. It had an interesting interior and a few neat options that made Connie fall for it right away. Aside from the window and column, to put it on the road it needed: carb. work, a rear main seal, a steering rack, outer tie-rod ends, brakes and lines, a rear axle, rear springs, a battery, tires, a power steering pump, a radiator, an exhaust system, and a bunch of other things. Once we had it running well, we started in on the ‘looks’. A plethora of NOS parts plus a paint job and here it is.


phils toys:
Final Fifteen! RUNNER UP...


1976 Bobcat Woody  Wagon,
90,000 miles give or take a few 2.3l , ac, ps, no radio.
purchased on eBay  Aug 22, 2005 for $1976.  Upgraded the rims to the factory white wheels 2006 after getting a flat on the way to Carlisle. The car came  from Florida.  Original paint and woody siding. Placed a  dash cap on this past summer.Pcca #341

Final Fifteen! The month of MARCH


Up for consideration is my 1971 V8 Pinto. This winters projects have been: (1) new intake scoop which required a stock hood replacement; (2) front and rear bumpers were replaced with rechromed pieces; (3) new valve covers and some hoses replaced under hood; (4) special designed Pinto logos on front fenders; and (5) timing gears (loud) installed. I really like the NEW LOOK and look forward to bringing the car to Knott's again this year. Joe In Morgan Hill, CA.


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