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Dealer Window Sticker?


Help!!! I am looking for a dealer invoice window sticker for my 1978 Squire Wagon. I just bought the car a few weeks ago and still have the original bill of sale (From 78)  but no window sticker. Any window sticker that I  could make a copy of would work. What makes mine special (to me at least) is the fact that it's the color scheme used in most of the publications that came out in 78. Red with the wood paneling
e-mail me at  (I will be changing that soon enough) if you have any ideas. I am pretty good with a computer and know what options came with the car



I bought a 77 owners guide on ebay and it included a window sticker in it for a squire wagon.

would that be of any interest to you??

I could scan it and send you a copy.

Nice looking wagon there Mark. Looks like it has the same wheels mine came with. Looks like a new car!



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