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Calenders for 2010 start early this year!

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Start taking those Pics for the 2010 Pinto Car Club Calender.
All Entries that make the 12 months of the 2010 calender will have a featured article here at
Details will be posted here so stay toon.

In addition we'll be producing the first PCCA Forgotten Ponies Calender.
This will be a homage to those poor rusty pieces of yard art, field markers and lonsome horse.
So as you crawl the back woods, salvage yards and not so empty deserts don't for get your cameras.

Again details will be posted soon.


Thanks for the info Frank.
Lets see some examples of cars that would like to be in this years Calendars Guys and Gals.........

What about us "in-betweenies"... whose cars are running but otherwise look at home in a field, wrecking yard, etc...?  ::)

Lets see them all........... ...

yes... lets see them all

Frank ;D


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