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2015 Embroidered Shirts and Hats...

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--- Quote from: Scott Hamilton on January 10, 2015, 03:50:29 PM ---Got a PM, here is the back of the Hats...

--- End quote ---

 Great looking lids, But will they cover the Cranium of Literary genius ? ;) It's rumored that I could mangle the mallet that whacks those watermelons... .  ;D

ahahahaha ;-)

Another rumor amongst us racer types, is that if you have to Buy a new helmet before the SFI rating is obsolete, you could be suffering from Cranial Rectosis. Buying new hats helps with keeping track of the condition, and it's much cheaper that the 400 bucks a hit for the basic racing approved buckets. Now I hear that a defrag of the cerebellum can help with this information malaise, but until a USB port can be designed into the Skull , were stuck with forgetfulness and creative writing to  control the mental Cache from crashing!

 Dispensing a Viral irrelevant solution,

 Pintosopher ;)

Let's see, Birthday coming up soon,I've been a good boy,(STOP LAUGHING) Time to turn on tha Charm.

Sorry, My bad manners. The shirt and Hat look awesome. Love the Quality. And the Colors.


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