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2012 Calender

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Yah, it's that time already! I forgot all about it till TOMMY'S sent me a pm! LOL

I'm wondering it anyone else is interested in doing the calendar. I'm willing too, but figured I would let someone else have the chance to do it if they want. 

If not, you guy's can start sending me "1", ONE, pic (lol) of your favorite Pinto shot. Send them in their original form. Meaning don't shrink them down for emailing. I have Comcast internet so I can handle large files. The bigger the pic, the better it comes out on the calendar. So again, 1 big pic of your car. Set your camera to it's highest pic setting.

I'm going to have you guy's send them to  That way I can keep them separate from my normal email address. :D

I'm not sure what we will do if I get more then 12 pics yet. Maybe do to calendars? Either that or share pages? Will figure that out when the time comes. :D

Ok, one last time. ONE pic from EACH person wanting to be in the calendar. :D So if you have more then one car, pick your favorite and send a pic of it! :D

If there's a space for me, I have one with a nice lake in the background... I know I'm getting to be quite the calendar hog here, but I'll go ahead and send the pic and if you pick it, wonderful... if you don't I'm ok with that. Ruby says, "Pick me! Pick me!" lol :lol:

Ok, someone had an idea to do a this years calendar as a 40th Anniversary Calendar. Using cars from the big car shows, like Knotts, the Stampede, and Carlisle. (sp)  Of course there would be one month set aside for TOMMY'S. He was the one that got this ball rolling you know!!  ;D

So you guy's want to do something like that?  If so, send me pics from those car shows.

OH, almsot forgot. If you want your info with your car, you need to send me, WITH YOUR PIC. your name and the info you want on it. Please keep it short.  Don't send the info separate from your pic. I have a hard time figuring out who is who. That and make sure you send your user name along with your pic and info.

ALSO, ONE MORE TIME. I NEED BIG pictures! I mean they need to fill my whole screen, or close to it. Little pics are not good for the calendar. I can't blow them up, like I can shrink a big one down.

I don't know how to give you a big picture. My camera does what it does. I just push the button. I don't know anything else about it. Any Ideas?


--- Quote from: joebob on September 13, 2011, 04:51:59 PM ---I don't know how to give you a big picture. My camera does what it does. I just push the button. I don't know anything else about it. Any Ideas?

--- End quote ---

I really don't know with out haveing the camera in my hands. I just know that mine has a setting that I can choose several picture sizes that it will shoot in. 

I would say even maybe 600 x 400 would be ok. I'm just using that number for an example size. Your camera may shoot in 600x800 or 400x600, etc. etc. etc.  Or maybe if you have 3 or 4 small ones I can put them all on one page, instead of one large one. Just make sure you send them all in one email with your user name and what you want to say on the calendar page.

If we get a lot of submissions of cars that didn't go to a 40th Anniversary Show, I may do 2 calendars. This all depends on how much time I have to work on it too. A lot has changed in the last year and I am pretty busy with other projects, and my boys! (mini horses) That and my work hours zoop! LOL  We will have to play it by ear. No matter what, a calandar will be made! :D


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