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2012 Calender

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I might have a good one of Ruby at the Carlisle show with her goodies...or not. Looks like I got some resizing to do... :P

Oh Boy Oh Boy!!! Harold II is actually worthy of the calendar this year!! Becky knows this.... She saw it at Carlisle lol

I think doing the calendar using the 40th Anniversary theme is perfect.This has definitely been the year of the Pinto.Rob(rally2) has some really cool graphics that need to be on it,(maybe the cover,or smaller on each page.One is the new PCCA logo which has the Pinto logo in it,and the other is the 40th anniversary logo. TommyS

phils toys:
rob does have some great graphics  40th theme  great idea

I say that Becky's 71 that was at Carlisle should be the first Pinto honored in the calendar. Her car was recognized to be the epitomy of what a Pinto was meant to be. Since she & Ruby were recognized so much I think it is only fitting.


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