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2012 Calender

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Ok, guy's I need 3 non 40th Anniversary Pics.  Preferably from people that haven't already sent me pics. Anyone else out there want their car in the calendar???

Becky, you need to send my some more pictures of Ruby, not at Carlisle if you can. I need 4 of the size pics you send me last time. Also send me some Carlisle one's. Although I may not need them, I haven't went through the photo albums others have sent yet. There maybe some of yours in their albums?

I am doing one calendar with non show cars, and one with Carlisle and other shows. I am 3 short for the non shows. As far as the show pics, I'm just going to basically take photos from the albums people have sent. I am not going to put info on the pics per say. Maybe just the show it was at, if I have that info.

Consider it done!  ;D

Ok, the non show calendar is done. I think! I don't know how to make it a "Preview only" type of thing so you all could proof it and make sure I spelled everything right and got names right where they were used. So if you can for now just go proof read it, and not actually buy it, then let me know if there are any mistakes, that would be great. If you don't care if there are mistakes, then go ahead an buy them up!! LOL

Charter Members get a discount, so go to the CHarter Member forum to get to the CM Cafe Press. Non Charter Members the link for the Cafe Press store is in the left column under the shout box!

Hope you guy's like it! I tried to use all the non show pics I could, that were sent. Mark, I ended up having to put you on the front cover.

Ok, the show calendar is ready. 

Don't forget, if you are a Charter Member, you get a discount. So shop in the Charter Member store.

Non Charter Members can find the CafePress store on the left side of the screen under the shout box.

Hope you all like it.  Oh, some of the pics may be kind of grainy on the actual print. I had to blow some of them up larger.

I can't find where to order the calendar(s).  Looked on cafepress website, too.  Any help?


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