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2010 Calender Is Done!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, everyone!!! The calender is done!!!!!!!!

I hope you all like it!! I also hope it comes out ok in print! Some photos may be grainy do to the resolution they were taken in. I had to blow them up to make them fit! This is my first time making a calender so be easy on me!!!!! 

Go to the CafePress store and check it out!!!

Charter members, now is the time to go visit the Charter Member area!!!  Discounted Calenders are in there!!!!

Carolina Boy:
Looks Great

How long before we can buy??

Should be able to buy it now!! CHeck your email, I sent you a coupon!!! Becky and Fred got one too!! I got it when I bought mine!!!  ;D I had to pay full price for mine though! LOL I get a 5 dollar coupon for next purchase though!! LOL

Figures, you have to buy 50 bucks or more to get the 5 bucks off! Well, can't say I didn't try to help out you guys!!


thanks pinto girl it looks great. you are very much apreciated!!!!!!!


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