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2009 Calandars

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Hello Scott,
 Please explain the parameters of the type photos you need for the calendar.
From Pintony

Scott Hamilton:
Tony.. All the 'rules' will be posted in January when we start the project out again...  They will be basically the same..

We need to get your car in this year.. I'm sure the members will vote one of yours in as they did last time... We just need to get the pictures in... 

No Problem...

Hey Scott,
 Maybe I'll read the rules this time?? ;D
 Last year I was just dead set on having my Purple Pinto photo with the
Native American TP
 From Pintony

What happened to 2008?
I was out of the country for 8 months,but i'm back

Scott Hamilton:
We did not have an 08.. Good that your back Henry!


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