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2007 Calendars- COMPLETED!... ORDER YOURS NOW!!!

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Scott Hamilton: PCCA Calendars are out for ordering!  Order as many as you wish!

The 2007 PCCA / Calendar starts NOW,

Here is how it's going to work,

Now until April 15th 2006 we will be asking for you to 'enter' your Pintos by posting a picture of your Pinto & a short description in this thread. FYI- Every Pinto MUST have a PCCA Sticker BEFORE the final shoot.

April 16th- April 30th we will put up a poll asking for everyone to 'vote' on which 20 cars are the best.

May 1st-May 15th the Charter Members will cut the number of Pintos to 15 and decide what cars will be what months (with 3 as runner-up backup entries)

The Admins will announce the 15 winners on May 16th in this thread.

ANNOUNCING THE FINAL FIFTEEN!- If you don't have your PCCA Sticker yet, go ahead and get yours now!

#6 Jim's 72 Lawman Pinto                                          January
#2 Tercin's 73 Sports Accent                             February
#16 sagesunrise's 71 Martha Splatterhead                March
#25 71pintok's 71 Sedan                                         April
#9 Original74's 74 sedan 'Geraldine'                             May
#11 79panel's 80 crusin wagon                             June
#4 73pintogeek's 73 Sports Accent Runabout                 July
#5 pintoman's 80 Rallye                                          August
#14 redmustangman3's 71 v8 Pinto                             September
#1 Pintony's Purple Pinto                                          October
#12 78Pinto's 78 sedan- BEAST                             November
#20 pinto1955's 72 Ford Pinto Super Stock Modified    December
#13 TIGGER's 79 Wagon                                          Runner Up
#23 hoots' Cruiser                                                       Runner Up
#15 Scott Hamilton's 72 Wagon                             Runner Up

The Charter Members & Admins will complete the calendars and have them available to order no later than August 30th 2006 through Cafe Press (our current t-shirt vendor).

So... Let's start posting your Pinto Pictures & get the ball rolling!!!

No representation is made that the Charter Members or Admins actually know what they are doing, in each and every case of actual knowledge exhibited by any of your CM or Admins there has always been a definite deliberate admission of for thought that closely resembles IQ scores closer to mice as opposed to Horses (Pintos). Actual embellishments or expressions of understanding are limited in scope to curtail any real or known importance. User be worried.

The Shiny Police  :police:

PCCA/ 2007 Calendar Pinto #1
Finalist! PCCA/ 2007 Calendar (First 20)
Final Fifteen! The month of October

Here is my photo for the calendar.

PCCA/ 2007 Calendar Pinto #2
Finalist! PCCA/ 2007 Calendar (First 20)
Final Fifteen! The month of February (First 20)

This is my 73 Sports Accent. It is a California car with no rust. I bought it from the original owner. He bought it new at Friendly Ford in Fresno CA. A few months after he bought it some one rear ended it. It was repaired so it is not 100% original. Currently it is in my garage south of St Louis and leading a pampered life. I enjoy driving it on nice days when the roads are dry.

PCCA/ 2007 Calendar Pinto #4
Finalist! PCCA/ 2007 Calendar (First 20)
Final Fifteen! The month of July (First 20)

Here`s a pic of my `73 Sport`s Accent Runabout...
First pic with the U.S.mag`s I finally found!
I`d almost given up looking for the wheel`s...gotta chase down some  center cap`s now...

PCCA/ 2007 Calendar Pinto #5
Finalist! PCCA/ 2007 Calendar (First 20)
Final Fifteen! The month of August (First 20)

Here is my 80 Rallye.I have owned the Rallye for over 12 years.I gave $150 for it when i bought it.After 7 years i sold it to a friend of mine,then bought it back 18 months later.It is running a 88 Turbo Coupe motor and a 5 speed trans.The rear end is a 7.5 out of a 83 T-bird,the wheels are 86 Saleens. The body is stock except for the hood scoop.The paint is a saphire custom blend that i sprayed myself.The gauges are autometer ultralights.Al l of the plastic panels have been covered in blue vinyl.It has a custom made center counsel made from a fox body Mustang and a XR4ti.


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