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Fabulous Fords Forever - Apirl 27th - Knotts Berry Farm

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Hello all, Online registration for Fabulous Fords Forever is now open!

Click on the Registration Hyperlink to register online.

Don't delay.  More Pintos at the show means fewer Mustangs.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.

Please register as soon as you can. It looks like they will not only fill up this year, but they will do it in record time. Just so you know, the old way of mailing in a registration is still fine but thanks to the online method, people are doing it faster than before.

I will let everyone know about Sundays activities as soon as I get a finalization from the Breakfast location. Carrows is now closed so we will not be meeting there.


When did the Carrows close?

No idea. thankfully RacerX mentioned this to me before we all arrived and had morning Ice cream.

That's too bad...they had some pretty good food in there. They didn't seem all that busy when we were there last year. We stayed at the Knights Inn across the street.

A Alves:
I am enrolled to go and would like to know plans on where to meet and time before the show. I am new to the club and I'm interested in meeting everyone.


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