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ok i dont know how to put pictures up so ill explain this as best i can
Duraspark ignition -colors are from the brain box (ignition module)

-red wire goes to the positive side of the coil
-yellow wire goes to the I side of the siloid
-grean wire goes to the negitive side of the coil
-greanish blue wire goes to the distributor
-brown wire goes to the distributor
run a wire off the positive side of the siloid to a toggle switch and then to the positive side of the coil (this is the kill switch)
to make the car crank over (any ford) , run your battery cable (positive) from the battery to the main side of the siloid (closest to the little plug that says "S" and on the other side run the wire to the starter, then hook the positive side of the silonoid and the "s" side of the siloid to gether with a push button and that makes the starter turn over
GROUNDS run a ground to the block some where, and run one some where on the body works best on the bolt that holds the siloid to the firewall. Note the car will not crank over atall without a body ground.
POINTS- run a wire from the positive side of the siloid to a toggle switch then to the positive side of the coil then from the negitive side of the coil to the distributor

what is this exactly for just derby cars or all pintos im lookin for a wiring diagram for my pinto i need to wire up my choke and stuff like that to post pictures u go to additional options on the bottom kinda then u atach from there

thats just how you basicly "hot wire" the ignition it will work on any ford car,truck, or van with points or duraspark as far as hooking up the choke im not to sure what runs that. i always wire them up like that to eliminate all the wires that i dont need so there isnt a short anywhere and i wont have any problems, i also wire the choke open so that it wont slam shut when im getting hit.

I can set up a HEI for a Ford 2.3,Makes it a 2 wire deal no brain box or anything..Mess age me if you are interested

dirt track demon:
Your colors are off on your wiring diagram.  70's duraspark box:
there are 2 connectors.  1 with 2 wires, 1 w/ 5:
1st the one with 2 wires:
white w/ blue tracers is your primary power for the duraspark box, this one will go to your ign switch( power supply to other side of switch)
red w/ blue tracer goes to the wire that you hook to the s side of the solenoid, this tells the duraspark to do whatever it does to make the car start easier.

 2nd plug (5 wires):  green goes to coil - side
red w/ green tracer goes to +side
black orange and purple to distributor

problem with working with 30 yr old wiring, the colors fade or change or get stained by whatever oil decides it doesn't want to be in the engine anymore.  the black one may be brown, it was getting dark i couldn't tell.


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