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dirt track demon:
OOps, I should ask, are you guys even running alternators. I can show you what to do either way.  We usually run The big 130 lb batteries in our derby cars and do away with the alternators.  anyway, let me go make some smoke and ill be back.

dirt track demon:
the wire for your choke should come from the alternator.  To pintoman2009.  ill look at that to while im over at the garage. I still have my choke set up for electric.  YES im running a choke on my race car.  I like to play with the race car all year, and it doesn't want to start when its cold.  But i havent noticed any changes in performance  with or without the choke, but then i am running a stock engine class.

oops its been awhile since i was under the hood. i did away with the electric, and put a heat riser one on instead.  I was tying into the wire that supplied the power to the fields in the alternator,  but now that im thinking about it, its not very effective that way, cause if the voltage regulator isnt supply power thru that wire then the electric choke will only work when the alternator is charging.  Mustang II haynes manuals will have wiring diagrams in them, i just looked at the old chilton pinto one and it doesn't even have a diagram for anything except the fuse box.  If I can find my haynes manual, I can email you the diagram if you'd like.

yes the wireing diagram did come from another site (the color matters from the plug that goes into the "brain box" aka ignition modual according to NAPA (but i have been able to interchange them all well as of now), some times its blue some times its blacks etc.....)but it is only one wireing diagram not ALL wireing diagrams i like to run points in everything i run just to keep it simple for me.) so if you have a picture that will help alot.

as far as the altenator you want to run one if for some odd reason a battery cable comes off ar the battery goes dead the altenator will give enough charge to keep the car running (with no headlights radio, braek lights etc for those who are saying it wont for a driver in the dark) IT WILL WORK.

if all else fails put a chevy alt. on it it has 3 wires i think im not positive but hook the 2 wires that hook into the plug into a toggle switch and the main wire to the battery (i may be wrong so correct me if so)

dirt track demon:
yup, a good old delco works pretty good.  for the guys wanting to use the ford alt. and ext. regulator.  the yellow wire coming from the voltage regulator gets run to the hot side of the solenoid(or a switch if you want to be able to turn off the alternator when you want an extra 1/4 hp)  then the orange wire from the voltage regulator goes to the alternators field wire.

hope these help


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