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what all else do you run besides pintos



the first picture is the mid 80s diplamat i ran last year

the 2nd is the 1980 f150 truck i polished off this year and they gave me 5th place i didnt take it , the truck bellied hard

the third is an 84 olds delta 88 i ran this year this is after i arrgue with the officals every year guy runs his mouth so i run they put me in an all 70s heat and well this is what happens break lots of important things

I used to run a front wheel drives but most of the time they wont take a beating like a rwd.
Now I run only pinto's, Mustang II's, and fox body mustangs, and I ran a gremlin once. Some places let us run mini trucks with the compact cars, now thats a blast.

I smash just about anything. I just love demoing.


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