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Thought I would share my pinto derby/figure 8 car. 1980 Pinto all the same car at different stages....


Man, this belongs in the Derby section. I am sorry I looked, can't stand to see a Pinto beat to death. Not criticizing, I just personally don't enjoy it.


I agree... I love Pintos too much. But we did have fair warning...

Whenever I go to the junkyard I lament (to myself) the presence of a lot of those old cars that (in my opinion) should be restored and roaming our roads today. That lil' '80 will end up in the junkyard when her metal cannot be crumpled anymore and her frame is so buckled that she's undriveable. Very sad, but I had to investigate Tough Pinto... :-\

Well I put the pics in the derby section for a reason.  No worries though guys, the silver 78 behind it in the first few pictures is potentially going to be restored to v8 glory...... A few cars on here have swayed me to save the little pinto.

Is "toughie" still among the living? She sure did take a beating.


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