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--- Quote from: blupinto on August 21, 2009, 01:01:01 AM ---Is "toughie" still among the living? She sure did take a beating.

--- End quote ---

It has been ran either six or seven times and we are debating on if we are going to put it back together or not.  The front leaf spring mounts were extremely rusty so during the last run, which was a figure 8, it took are hard shot to the passengers side tire.  the result was the front leaf spring mount pulling out completely away from the floor and tearing the floor back about a foot.  It would take some major reconstructive surgery, but we are still considering it.  It has a narrowed 9" with a 5.67 gear which will eventually be used in my V8 conversion.  I think I may need a gear swap though  ;D.

that pinto is really beat up! amazing they hold up so well. everybody gets all teary eyed when they see em beat up like this but its better this than rust away in a field or get crushed

I am looking for a good 1980 body- too bad I missed this one.


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