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what all tools have you made that help you out at the track or in the shop when your working on the cars

ive made several sledges with metal handles i broke about 4 in one summer so then i welded a solid pipe on on and its still working great

for my 302s i put a small socket on a old extention and taped it up good so that if i had to pull the dist i can turn the oil pump but i cant rember what size it is off the top of my head(thats the only thing i use it for )

Metal stands at different hieghts for the car to sit on with the tires on.  Stands that bolt to the lugstuds and hold the car up in the air.  Wrenches with so odd angles.

There is more thats just off the top off my head.


I made a 5 foot long prybar from a axle. I'm not sure what it was out of but i flattened the end and cut a v slit it works really good. i also made a hammer/axe. On 1 side is a sledge hammer head and the other an axe blade. It helps when your beating out the sheet metal and need the kinda cut it loose. Matt   89r    :accident:

Im glad you brought up this subject, I need to come up with a tool if possible that can break loose those old rusty brakes from the drum without taking off the tire and wheel and sledge hammering the drum in 100 degree heat in 6 foot of weeds.
Something that all I have to do is jack up the car to get the wheel off the ground and then attach it or whatever to the wheel, studs,or rim or tire?
Got any ideas?

best one i have made is from old tortion bar from a old big block chrysler car just get it out and grind down one end they work great for pry bars and don't have to worry about them breaking eather


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